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Still a Dad: The divorced father’s promise (free eBook download)

Still a Dad provides a rarely seen perspective on divorce: the father’s point of view. This book validates the hurt and anger that many divorced dads feel, starting with the shock of being treated like the disposable parent. But it doesn’t stop there. It goes on to deliver an inspiring message of hope, as well as practical advice on dealing with powerlessness, managing conflict, and being the best father you can be.

Still a Dad deals with these deep and complex issues in an entertaining, easy-to-read style. The book can be read in an hour or two. Yet it is rich in material that you can come back to, time and again, as you confront specific issues.

still a dad

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Praise for Still a Dad

Still a Dad offers divorced and never-married fathers what they need more than anything else: hope and practical advice to help them build and maintain relationships with their children.
– Armin Brott, author of Father for Life and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Positive Parenting.

Still a Dad is an accessible and sensible guide for divorced fathers (and mothers too). Remembering that maintaining the father-child bond should be the most important goal after divorce is the important take-home message. Divorced dads will find not just practical advice but comfort and hope as well in this book. Highly recommended.
– Ross D. Parke
Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of California, Riverside
Author, Fatherhood and coauthor (with A. Brott), Throwaway Dads

Men facing non-custodial divorce will find a lot of help in this book. It is simply and directly written. It’s almost like having an older brother saying, “Now listen. Here’s how it is.”
– Tim Baehr

This book shines light on the very real challenges and strong emotions that divorced fathers often experience, then helps the dads learn to focus on what’s most important – what’s best for the children – and then take appropriate action. With enlightening narratives, case studies and practical insights, this is a valuable source of wisdom, sensible guidance and support.
– Brock Griffin
Fathers.com (The National Center for Fathering)

still a dad

Download free PDF e-book.


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